I’m coming out!

I’ve built my little space here and can’t wait to explore. Applesauce Chronicles started on Valentine’s Day because I want to re-invite my first (non-living) love into my life while living, learning, growing and exploring. I was in middle school and I wrote to escape, to have an opinion and to be rebellious. Not that I wasn’t rebellious enough already. I don’t remember when I started writing seriously or for fun. I wouldn’t consider myself a professional at all but would one day I’d like to maybe try to dabble in it. Up until today I would have never posted so much about myself online. With social media up on the rise, ever since the crazy start of Facebook, I guess you could call me invisibly social. I’ve never really shared so much online –a simple like, share, quote or photo. Well as you can see things are definitely changing and I’m so excited about what is to come. 

“I’m coming out! I want the world to know…”

     To be honest over the years I’ve forgotten who I am, what I stand for and what makes me happy. People, distraction and my lack of focus and determination have put me in a rut of trying to compete with styles, fads, ideas and etc that come in to play. I’ve adapted or veered to other’s materialistic or symbolic wants and goals and what the media feeds you. I made it out of that black hole and found me again. I’ve been finding myself all over again, figuring out life and such. I’m different from everyone else, just as you are. I don’t ever think I will get a full grasp of life and honestly that’s okay with me, just snap me out of la la land every so often. I remember my joys, lessons learned and what excites me the most. I’m going to get back into the swing of things, my things. Things that will fill my life with joy, good food, sun light, stories, memories, health, clarity, peace, knowing one self and stimulation. If you and I are anything like you’ll completely understand where this could go, even if we have different interest.
     So without further ado, welcome to Applesauce Chronicles, where things are silly, random and raw. I am biased but I try not to be [publicly]. I am here to share my thoughts, adventures and feelings about the many things that pass through or linger in this noggin of mine. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and here on AC for the most part will be my own. It’s okay to disagree with someone concerning their beliefs, thoughts and feelings just never force them on another. If you want to request something, feel free to ask. Like most mothers, mine always had a wisdom, quote or a saying to tell.  She’d say “a closed mouth never gets fed.” To this day I can’t remember how many times i asked for help and received it, too many to count. This is a blog for those who dare to ask questions, for those who can boldly talk about anything and the ones who just simply like to express themselves ranging from yummy food, art, music, health, adventure, poop talks and much more. I hope that you enjoy your time here with me.


One thought on “I’m coming out!

  1. I love how much I can relate to you on a personal level . Being unsure of where you are in your life can be stressful. Finding those healthy outlets such as blogging are really what truly helps us vent and become a better person

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