Yummy Nemo Cakes

Ne-mo has totally won me over and no, I’m not talking about the adorable brave clown fish who got lost at sea. Ne-mo happens to be a brand that makes specialty cakes, amazing specialty cakes! The kind that makes your mouth water. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Now I’m not saying it’s better than your moms, grandmas or your bakery down the street but for the convenience and deliciousness. Sign me up! Secondly, to clarify in no way shape or form have I been endorsed to right about this. Lastly, for those who know me well, know that I don’t eat much chocolate, amongst other common things. So this is really serious…. I mean it!

nemo cake

For those on a healthier lifestyle, whatever you do try not to think of the nutritional facts on the back. Just consider it a gift for yourself, for being so great! I particularly just crave or want them when its that time of the month, crave serious sweets or I’m feeling or I need a pick me up.

They also have different types of specialty cake squares: carrot cake, vanilla birthday cake, pumpkin spice cake and peppermint mocha. I have only tried the carrot and the chocolate cake. I worry that if I try them all, I will have a serious dietary problem on my hands. These specialty cakes can mostly be found at select gas stations. If you happen to run across this bad boy in the store. As convenient as gas stations can be, I know its tough to want to walk in. If you do manage to get in there, the extra pocket change should be well worth it. You can even warm/toast this bad boy before your mouth collides with the rich flavor.

I hope you enjoy.
Until next time!


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