Meet Lily

My oldest and warmest creation! She’s got spunk and charisma! Catching drool and little curls from when I forget to wear a bonnet. She is quite the courageous little thing, roaring louder than the pride only at the age of 3 (not counting doll years). This is Lily, she is pleased to meet you!


Born with a cheerful face filled with laughter and love. She claims to be pet and child-friendly, however, her Frankenstein-like neck seems to always cause quite a fuss! Let’s face it the kids and fur babies just see a fun toy, not a little treasure.

It all started with my childhood. I remember growing up, all of my sisters had a bear or stuffed animal that they cherished. I didn’t have one. My twin sister had Elmo, whom her son now has. My older sister had a teddy bear named Brandon. My little sister had a goat named Antonio, he was the goat starred in Hunchback Notre Dame with Esmeralda.

So with the mixture of some creativity and sewing skills, now I have my own friend, one that can’t be duplicated. In case you were wondering, Lily is made up of linen and organic cotton and she doesn’t mind you squishing her at all. She is great, she loves meeting new people and going to see new places. She often travels with me on my journeys. She loves to take long walks on my pack and ride around the town.

Lily & I on the Brooklyn Bridge. NYC, NY

Maybe you will see us out and about while traveling! Feel free to stop and say hello.

Until next time! xoxo Oy


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