75 & Below

75 & below should be webisode about how easily women get cold. I could be the star and everyone would attest to it. It would cover a draft in the house, sitting near the entryway in a restaurant, blanket burritos on the couch, cold feet and so much more.


I’m not sure how most people handle the colder seasons but let me tell you, I, for the most part, can’t handle anything below seventy-five degrees. This is the case for most women. But let me just clear this up for you.

I’m the type of female to steal the blanket from you.
The type of female to hoarder scarves, hats, and mittens.
The type to ask for cute or cozy socks every year for Christmas without hesitation.
The type to turn the heat all the way up until complaints are made.
The type to get a cold chill when the wind picks up or the draft in the room is altered.
Lastly, the type to bring or wear three jacket options everywhere.


Bundled up @ Sunset Beach


I’ll put it like this, as soon as the first leaf falls in autumn I’m layering up and pulling out the winter-wear – I’m talking pea-coats, scarves, fuzzy warm hats and much more. My coworkers will joke with me on how I sometimes never even take off my layers while working at my desk.


I’m totaling hiding under my desk at work, I needed a change the scenery. Can you see my blue blanket back there?


For the Yankees (northerners) and others living in colder conditions reading along, I totally understand your laughter and frustration with my opinion on what “cold” really is. It’s okay to completely disagree, just don’t be surprised when you see me in a heavy coat as early as September, you’ve been warned.

Feel free to stop me and chat, we can talk about how ridiculous I look compared to everyone else.

Until next time, xoxo 🙂


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