oh silly

I have decided to be a bit more personal today.

I have been silly my entire life. My silliness even had to learn boundaries at an early age, for the sake of being unharmed, including all present. Maybe that’ll be several different stories/post though. My mom always told me I was the one hiding to scare people, being goofy in the most public/private places and getting to people laugh. She wouldn’t even let me watch too much Jim Carey. I acted out several scenes from Bad Liar and Ace Ventura. I even told her I wanted to marry him.

I’d have to say now that I still enjoy being just as silly, whether for myself or others. Of course, I still act out Ace Ventura scenes. It was always easy for me to be silly as a child, growing up it was harder to be taken seriously – still is. However, I no longer care so much about how people perceive me, why should I? (to be continued in a later post).

Sometimes I like to quote cartoons and mimic the voices of them, like Ed, Edd, and Eddy the way they walk – did it! & thoroughly enjoyed it. Being silly is sometimes an extension of my happiness. You can almost guarantee that the more physical energy I exert, can show you the variance in levels of silliness. My norms would include dancing hands and karaoke in the car, ridiculous sarcasm, and random jokes. I like to do cartwheels in the grass, have sword fights in the kid’s department and make faces. Being silly isn’t an age, my tongue shall forever grace your sight when unexpected and in most photos. Being an adult is stressful, knowing that I wasn’t prepared for it takes a bit of edge off.

For me, to be silly means more than being childish or goofy. It keeps my spirits up, helps me forget the craziness we live in as well as my own troubles.

When life hands you more than lemons. Stay silly 🙂


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