Foodie Alert!

I love food. Everyone knows it, its the ultimate fastest way to make me happy. Tasting the juicy Beef Bulgogi from China Wing was an experience on its own, and for the sake of temperature, please dine in. I have an ongoing problem with sushi, more like a love addiction. Pork belly tacos at Soul Gastrolounge are to die for – figuratively speaking, of course.  I could keep going! Also please keep in mind I am based in Charlotte, NC where the restaurants are within my reach.


Beef Bulgogi


Growing up my best friend, Joana was the first to introduce me to something other than your traditional American dinner plate. I was now floating through new territory. The aroma raised my nose hairs the first time I went home with her after school. I had an early curfew and she was a few blocks away. Any given night I would risk being late for curfew, just to sit at that table. It was something I wasn’t used to at all. It started with Spanish food.

Later on, I began to try things left in right. I was even challenged with appearances and textures of certain dishes that I never thought I would enjoy. I started to order with modifications. Let the servers squirm. I may want to know the base of this sauce, hold the lettuce and tomato, no mayo and etc. But I respect the position in all sincerity, as it can be tough. I pre-bus the table before I even get the check.


Pork Belly Tacos 🙂


My nephew was eating squid at Dim Sum at the age of three, I was so proud. To be so young and open-minded made me wish this carried more into our older years. He also loves pickled okra. He is a silly rabbit. Watching him chew the squid was a character in itself.


Sushi, Rising sun (covered in tempura) ❤



What I plan to do is post either a blog or IG photo each week of a new spot and/or particular dish. I will need IT on standby in case I start drooling over my devices. These are not chain restaurants, if you keep following my journey, you are bound to have a list of places to eat, so come visit.

Until next time.


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