Unexpected Vet Visit

baby momo

Everyone Meet Momo. The first pet I could call mine. From baby to adult, my how he has grown.

He wasn’t feeling so great for like 3 days. I only know this because he wasn’t eating or as active. I WAS SUPER WORRIED. I had been transitioning to a raw diet and thought maybe he had just got tired of that. I still am not sure why he stopped eating in the first place.

I didn’t go to the vet so abruptly, I even waited a bit, using the advice of friends and family. It was out of fear for the bill. I regret waiting but I am glad I went in when I did. I went in thinking he would have to have surgery. I can’t even imagine nor would I like to in the near future how the surgery bill will look.

My oldest baby, Momo was diagnosed with Hepatic Lipidosis, also known as Fatty Liver, this past Monday.  Side note: I do not recommend Banfield Pet Hospital. I originally went there. It was just for fun. I apparently needed to have some test done here to be “referred to a location that could “actually help”. They were nice people, seemed educated and caring. However, I don’t agree with doing “tests” and being charged, when the facility already can determine that they will not be able to effectively resolve anything. This will not happen to me again, however, I just want you to be aware of these things. Animals are expensive and we will do anything to protect and care for them – ANYTHING. Just keep in mind the bills add up and educate yourself and be prepared for the health of your fur babies. Anyway, I was obviously sent somewhere else.

Baby Momo

Turns out the have ICU for cats at Long Animal Hospital. I recently just switched to them, I needed to find a new vet. I have only heard good things about this place. I can see why I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Killough Sr, he was very clear, patient and kind. I could tell he wanted the best for my fur baby.

Momo has never been from home overnight, It was stressful for his feline sister, Tails as well as myself. Maybe he thought I left him and would be more depressed. So many things had me in tears after I left him there.

He was able to go home last night after I got off work. I was so ready to have him home that I arrived early then sat in the car. I sat there for about 5 minutes trying to talk myself through the anxieties brewing from within. I didn’t wait too long to see him, the time I took waiting, I was able to calm myself down three times over.

When he came out, I could tell he was excited to see me from behind his carrier door. I knew he would be coming home with a feeding tube still inserted. This was left in for the ease of care. I then realized how crazy the feeding tube looked – my heart dropped and my anxiety was back. I stayed strong – I had to. I needed to hear my care and medication instructions and proceeded to appear calm.

Once arriving home, I let him out of his carrier. And no, I did not just open the cage door. I unsnapped all the locking mechanisms and took the top right off. I couldn’t contain myself if I had to see my chubby buddy try to maneuver out of the cage without hurting where the feeding tube was.

He is no carried up and down the stairs as well as getting up to higher places, on four different medications and slowly progressing to normality. Now I also have cat buffet with a variety of options to work on his recovery. I am excited to share his progress with you! We can root for Momo together!

xoxo oy


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