Birthday Wishes

“Make a wish and blow out the candles!” something I stopped hearing after 16 maybe.


I celebrated my 27th birthday this past Monday! Yes, I am 27, most people cant guess past 23 years old. I am also a twin which means my zodiac is the Gemini. Isn’t that insane. I always hated the bad rep Gemini’s got so I always tell people, “I am a different type of Gemini, I actually have a twin.” Some would simmer on the idea and drop it. Others were way too convinced otherwise. We can talk about my twin and our relationship later on. I hope you stick around to find out our similarities and differences.

Anyway, every year my birthday seems to be more and more important when you are growing up. To be honest, we didn’t grow up in a home where birthdays had spectacular gifts or events. It has totally made the adult-life transition easier.

Each year on this date it is stressful, not because I am getting older. I am an overthinker and am always looking for improvement or progress. There has been so much going on lately, it’s insane! Usually, I am able to plan a cool trip or event last minute, however, I didn’t have time for any of that this year.

IMG_6103I was able to pick up my fur baby Momo and return him home. He was way more talkative leaving the facility than us arriving. He was probably letting me have it. Anyway, he is doing better – now only meds and time can tell how his recovery will go. I was super excited to have my baby back home, hogging my lap. Things don’t go missing until they aren’t there. My heart was hurting and Tails, his feline sister, was also unsure of where he disappeared to. He still fights me on the meds, however, I am proud of Momo and I am rooting for a full recovery.

This year, like always I joined my twin with a few drinks and festivities with friends and family. Here is to the years to come!

xoxo Bri

P.S. why did I want to grow up again?


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