Strawberries anyone?


The other half and I went strawberry picking at Wise Acres Organic Farm. The drive wasn’t long, about 30 minutes to Indian Trail, NC. It was my first time picking strawberries, at first I was brushing it off like “sure let’s go, it’ll be just like pumpkins”.  NO – It was nothing like the pumpkins. However, just like the pumpkins, I turned into a 6-year-old once we got out of the car. Super ready to explore and jump into all kinds of adventure. No to mention, I already could sense what my nose hairs were picking up. The pumpkins didn’t do that.

Off to a surprising start, eyes wide open I wonder what we would get into first.

You knew these strawberries were amazing when you were first getting out of the car. We happened to get there right in time before the field was picked over. Unfortunately, when arriving late you risk having nothing left to pick. The sun was out and I was competing with actual 6-year-olds and their parents. It was like a pokemon race – gotta catch all! Poor kids never had a chance (kidding of course)!


The kid’s train I wasn’t allowed to ride on :/ made up of gallon barrels looked pretty cool. If I was a kid again, I’d totally fit in. I was told “you are probably too big to do this, “Maybe save this seat for someone much shorter” too many times. I immediately tried to make myself shorter – so that I could be accepted as a youngster. Needless to say, that didn’t work. It sucks growing up sometimes, or maybe all the time. I remember telling my mom I can’t wait to get big, ugh how stupid I look now. Or they could make bigger kids rides – and I love the big rides too. I feel like I should still be able to have these options.

As we were moving on, I saw a shed-like building. Getting closer, I realized it was a shed and better yet a small petting zoo. This made the trip like a double surprise. Goat names labeled on the right of the shed and pigs on the left. They also had hens and other small farm life. I almost didn’t make it to the field, got caught up talking to my new friends.

IMG_9718Strawberries used to be my favorite fruit, my nephew now has that role. He will finish the entire box of them in one sitting.

Maybe before the summer is over you can get a chance to visit a strawberry farm near you. I plan to go at least once a year.

xoxo Bri


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