Thirst to Learn & Grow

Pour me some knowledge! It could be about anything really, I am a human sponge and I’m curious to learn as much as possible. sign me up! And if it is a liked interest it’ll be even better.

I like to sit and observe those around me – people are the most interesting. The actions they chose, the choice of words as well as decisions. Thinking through how we use or communications skills to move through our lives.

thinking x2My second favorite thing to do is learn something new, preferably hands on. Unlike certain physical activities and sports, you will never be “too old” to learn how to do something. As the world is constantly changing, there will never be something you can’t learn or do for the first time. So far this year I have learned a lot of things. I will be sure to share them all in the post to come.

Don’t judge me but for example, I was recently taught by a good friend the fundamentals and basics of baseball. I have yet to attend a game but I can’t wait to go and post about that experience as well.

Growing is an important part of life. Not just in matters of height with patience, tolerance, knowledge, and understanding.


Like this flower, I want to absorb as many nutrients (knowledge), water, and light (positivity in things) – before my time is up. This sunflower grew tall and beautiful and I want to mimic this but from within.

I have a notepad in me at all times. I tend to write down things I come across and want to learn more about. You can find me zone out or plugged into a DIY YouTube video.

thoughts outta this world

Until next time!

xoxo Bri


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