When I was younger, going to the zoo with the school or daycare was frustrating. I never liked a crowd than either, way too many people. However, this time was better. Not to say it wasn’t crowded but it was with my other half. One who calms me down with his presence alone 🙂 I treat crowds like traffic on the highway – always looking ahead for whats to come.

The North Carolina zoo, located in Asheboro was a great day trip to make with bae. He knows being outdoors and animals are on my things to explore and see. He is definitely a winner, in my book. I was antsy the entire drive, and if the ride is 4 hours or less sleeping isn’t an option. This drive was only an hour and forty-five minutes so of course, I had to jam out with some good vibes.

Side note, speaking of good vibes, I have a huge passion for finding new music and artist. It as if I am getting to know someone new, someone, who also shares a passion for music. So feel free to message me on Instagram, or email me some cool finds. We can get into my music obsessions and recent finds later. I’m already excited about that post.

I wish I had a better picture of the Puffins. They were so stinking cute! They are like a mix breed of a Parrot and Penguin, quite the site to see. I want to go swimming with them, I would give them snacks and they would love me forever.

It was such a beautiful, humid day. The sun was blazing and I was loving it, every sweat drop counted. I happen to catch a cool overlook of Giraffes, leaving a hideout. Just like the elephants, watching them walk was mouth dropping. I don’t even think my height would reach the knee of the giraffe. There was one that kept looking my way as if he was saying “Hey Shawty! How you doing?” in two different voices, I might add.

The elephants, one of my favorite animals, were definitely a site to be seen. I grew up having a few favorite animals and they have managed to stay on that list. Elephants are more than meets the eye. Similar to the human brain, the elephant brain is the largest of all land mammals with a mass of over 5kg. It only makes sense for the largest mammal to have the largest brain. They posture, their movements and spirit all tell me they are wise and patient – something I look forward to with my years to come. Elephants are continually growing teeth, talk about teething geez. I wonder how they manage. Elephants have more than 100,000 muscles in the trunk. You can only imagine how flexible and strong this body part is. Their trunks for vocal communication, feeding, drinking, greeting and other social behaviors. Low-frequency calls allow elephants to communicate over large distances and most are emitted at a frequency below the range of human hearing. Did you know they also purr like cats? Another reason I love them so much! For my fur considerate friends, you’ll love them because all elephants are herbivores.  Okay enough with the fun facts, but aren’t they just amazing! 🙂

I came across so many other animals, some in captivity and some just co-existing.

While in mid-dance, I named this special flamingo, Frank. Displaying this movement which I later found out is a sign for mating. His posture and movement were unique from the rest, which is why I have deemed it a dance. The rest were more so posing for mates. He was rocking to his own beat, literally.

Is it weird that I stopped to take a look at this little guy? Caterpillars are cool and all but I prefer these bad boys outside. On me or outdoors is unacceptable, it doesn’t always end well. You could very well compare me to the most dramatic little 5-year-old girl you have seen in your life. Not something I chose to do…it just comes naturally with being crept/freaked out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did you see my lizard friend? Sunbathing like a champ, my little lizard friend also thought it was a great day to be out. I was never able to catch these growing up. This makes me wonder, I’m not sure if I’m scared or curious about these fast little things. They don’t really respond to me like other animals, it’s sad. Makes me think I’m not from the reptile family at all. But we do share the enjoyment of sunbathing.

I hate to leave out the other animals there and those pictured but I don’t want to ruin the trip for you. Please feel free to share your pics and zoo experiences with me. I’d love to hear your thoughts, see your shots and hear how your trip went. I am in my late twenties and still find joy doing things the kids do. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it more.

I think the zoo is underrated. I plan to go at least twice a year to the zoo, let’s hope I can change up the locations more frequently. Well guys and gals, til next time!

Xoxo oysilly



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