My love, avocado

Beautiful green stone, how I love you.

When I was younger these little green stones were the last thing I wanted to even look at. Not at the store with mom, not in the kitchen- Nothing! I was terrible when it came to eating green foods. And no I don’t mean vegetables. I love corn and carrots. One exception I remember was broccoli with cheese, but ever stem or bush had to have a touch of cheese.

Many years later, I grew to love avocados. I’m not going to say it started with a diet. However, it did start with a lifestyle change. Becoming a healthier was and still is a choice and task that I decided to make in 2013. At first, it was scary, simply because I had been avoiding it for so long (the food included). I appreciate them now because not only are they great for you, but they are very filling and rich. The fact that they are my favorite color just makes it bonus points. Their potential health benefits include improving digestion, lowering the risk of depression, and protection against cancer.

avo face

Pictured above is how a ripe avocado looks. Of course, you cannot see this vibrant green from the shelf at the store. If you do happen to see that green color on an avocado, please don’t buy it. So it is all about touch, the softer it is the closer it is to a creamier toast spread but be careful too soft and the inside can turn and that is a def no go! If you want it tougher to slice and put on a sandwich or salad, it still needs to be soft, however, you do want it to have some stiffness to it. Beginners tip #1: base how ready your green fruit is based on your texture preference or functionality. Beginners tip #2: If you aren’t using the avocado until you have a dinner planned later in the week, maybe you want to get it a little tougher to last the shelf life. I think that are the biggest things to know about how to pick them. If you are looking for more I’m sure it’s just a google click away.

So to share one of my dearests loves with you, I have mastered many different ways to enjoy more avocados without getting bored. Some of my quick avo-snacks: avocado toast, burrito, sandwich and avo con solo una cuchara ( translation: avo with just a spoon). I hope that this will give you more healthy snacks to try as well as give some courage to give avocados a second chance, or a third. And you don’t even have to eat it a la carte, it can be paired with several other things! Has anyone tried the AVOCADO TOAST by Compartés? I am not big on chocolate but watched a video and my mouth was watering.


Cannot wait to hear your thoughts and opinions on avocados. I’d love it even more if you even gave it a second chance, regardless of the end result. Until next time.

xoxo Bri


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