What a Labor Day!

This scheduled time away from work has me thinking, Labor Day was created by the Labor movement. It is celebrated every year as a national tribute to the support workers have made to the strength, accomplishment, and well-being of our country. For them I am grateful! I am extremely grateful, this extended weekend happens every year and It allows me another day of being able to balance my personal life and goals. This year I have chosen the best gift of all. The time and love of family, always a good dose of things.

In pursuit of food, ATL skyline.

My mom, twin sister, and her two kids and I drove down to Griffin, GA (about 40 minutes from Atlanta) to see my older sister and her two kids (and a bun in the oven). I swear every time I see her I think, she’s about to pop. The trip was shy of 5 hours, I drove my car the whole way. Frankie loves to get out of town, and if you haven’t guessed, Lily is also here. She loves taking trips with me, do not get me started on what happens if I forget her. Though really, she’s a doll. Anyway, we left at four pm and stopped longer than I would have liked but hey, accommodation and compromise are super important when taking trips with others. My mother and twin sister rotated whom would sit in the back. My mother in the front seat was a site to see – she would lower her head into the phone at moments of fear. Not because I am a terrible driver but because she drives differently, ha!

It wasn’t much to do in Griffin but there was an opportunity for me to go to Georgia Aquarium, sightseeing, and relaxing with the family. The aquarium was amazing, way too much-unexpected anxiety. There was nothing else to expect considering the holiday, however, it was fun.

Mercedez-Benz Stadium Atlanta, GA
Watching the Bulga Whales! Bailey would be so proud! Wish I could talk to them!
If I were allowed I’d be in there!

The aquarium was a site to see, I wish I had more photos but the glare from the tanks on my camera wasn’t allowing the best image as you can see. You should definitely go to the Aquarium in Atlanta, GA if you are visiting and can squeeze in at least 4-6 hours of fun.

BIG Squishy!
Sleeping Seahorses 🙂

I have missed them so much and am glad I was able to take the time to come down and see them. I have enjoyed making memories with my family. I was able to spend loads of fun with my newly relocated sister and family.


She isn’t that far but it is very different to have someone so close by and then that is ripped away from you. I know there are worse things though. Being a bit far away I was able to process things on my own as well as focus on my sister and little ones. What a great day to celebrate!

I hope you were able to enjoy their labor day Weekend as well! Until next time! 🙂


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