Social Media Respect

OMG! I didn’t know when I would post this but I wish it were sooner. I don’t know who reads these post but I hope the right hearts and or people can share this. With the change in technology and the way we share things throughout the world, I can see so many things aren’t, in my opinion, appropriate or respectful.

So maybe this is new to you or just a refresher but I decided to review it anyway. For the sake of saying I did, here we go!

Respect goes both ways, to put it as simple as pie, respect online has to be given to be received. You will not always know the tone in text so don’t assume more than the words themselves. Even if you are fueled with mean things to say, maybe ask if things were meant to be offensive. If they were intended to be offensive I would “try” to ignore the person and move on. This likely isn’t someone you can relate to or talk to anyway, stay pleasant and do not let trivial things trouble you.

“Treat everyone with respect and kindness. Period. No exceptions.” – Kiana Tom

I remember “everyone” watching the Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why it was a great storyline and had its twist and turns to keep you on your feet. It was a very emotional show and I hope that it touched all who have seen it. Lastly, cyberbullying exists and it can be brutal. We as millennials and our elders are on all of these online accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are all so user-friendly, easy to access and a bit of a black hole. The black hole reference was used only or the unneeded finger swiping to scroll through.

“Just imagine how different the world could be if we all spoke to everyone’s with respect and kindness.” – Holly Branson

Another thing, I see this often and think it is overlooked. Maybe moving forward some should stop sharing about your troubles online, maybe you see it as a way to vent. Others may see it as a way to entertain themselves, pick on/laugh and or even worse twist and convey what you may be going through to someone else. In a way, I do see it as a way to vent, however, maybe there is a different way to encourage that. Putting my personal troubles and or issues is wasted time in my book. Of your many followers, whom can you say will be there to help you vent and not your private life more than you have. Let’s not forget, It is the world wide web! Instead of participating in this behavior, try talking to the individual that you may need to or feel like venting to, this person is likely to be supportive, kind and hopefully helpful.

To help be more mindful online you should try the following: being aware of your tone, not using bad language, name-calling, insulting others and using CAPS LOCK as it is considered shouting and can rapidly escalate an argument. Empathy, the ability to identify with and feel for another person’s concerns, can also be paired with respect. I try telling others to practice reading the content with a smile before committing to publish online.

“We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful.”   – Taylor Swift

I personally, would just like to see a change in the way we treat others in general, online just seems the most used resources for communication as well as a widespread audience.

Until next time!

xoxo oy


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