The ceiling is falling

So this is where I tell you another short story from the Forte’s & the Series of Unfortunate Events. These are hilariously personal stories, now available to you that I will never forget. Everything becomes so clear when I think about each story. So here goes…

Late afternoon, the girls and I just got off the school bus and are starting to head home. I open the door to hear my dad at the top of the hallway with his voice slightly raised talking to my mother. I could already see that in her body language that she wasn’t in the best mood. We proceeded to our rooms. My door was past my mother and father, I knew I’d have to likely participate in some type of language in passing. So I stepped forward with and asked: “Hey, what happened?” Before my dad could say anything my mom cut in to say that her leg was hurting and that our dad wasn’t being too helpful. She slowly worked the words out and mumbled, “I fell through the ceiling.” In a surprise, I shouted, “What, Where!?” I checked to see if she was okay and went through all of the basic. By this time my sisters are also gathered around my mother in the hallway and my dad has walked off. She told me where it happened and immediately us four girls froze. We were steps away from the incident, seeing it meant believing it. We were dying to see, I’m not sure if it was because we couldn’t believe the story or we just were so evil things that wanted to see and relive the moment. We jumped up and bolted to the hallway closet door which sat right under the attic doorway positioned in the ceiling. We opened the door to look up and there it was, this big gaping hole in the top right of the ceiling. It was a site to see, seeing it was believing it. Believing it led us to the imagination and reliving it. Seconds later the four of us lost it and were on the floor laughing off calories. My mom just looked at us in disappointment.

Someone once said: “It’s not funny until someone gets hurt, then it’s hilarious.” My poor mom, hahaha I’m sure she wasn’t too happy with her loved ones that day. Later once we got it all together my mom added, “your dad’s first words to me when my leg came through the ceiling was honey, I thought you knew what you were doing.” The squad has lost it again, we couldn’t help ourselves. I’m still trying to find out how my dad didn’t lose himself in laughter. I guess we get it from our mama. 🙂

Until next time

xoxo oy 🙂


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