Hulking the Groceries

Oh, we all know this feeling too well. When you get home, finally get up to and open the trunk to realize that your grocery haul may very well defeat you while in transport. You have survived the shopping lines, anxiety, bumper buggies and keeping track of your grocery needs. Ugh, but at least this is something I see more as a physical health challenge. I load myself up and after careful consideration, I make what I hope is my first and last trip inside.


At that exact moment, I then decide it’s Hulk time. I don’t care how many days you go to the gym, either way, it’s always arm and finger strength that prevails. The most I’ve ever done is about six bags in each hand while one bulky item, usually toilet paper, is nestled between one arm and my upper chest, a.k.a armpit area. Sometimes I look completely ridiculous, but I’m the type of girl that doesn’t want to make to more than one trip inside. So you got to do, what you’ve got to do. Can anyone else relate to this? I’d love to hear your crazy/silly stories.


Until next time.

xoxo oy 🙂


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