My dog farted.

Our first fur baby, Missy!

I have had a dog in my life since I was 9 or 10. They are amazing loyal beings that I choose to embrace before most human beings. Originally, there was Missy (pictured above), my first furry love, then her step-siblings, Skeeter, Scout and Dallas who actually were a part of an extended family. Those four could really clear a room, some more than others. But you never knew what was coming dependent on the dog. Skeeter had an interesting fart game compared to them all. But he at one point was also sneaking avocados when possible. Missy, Scout, Skeeter & Dallas, loyal true friends, you are terribly missed. May you four forever rest in peace.

Yana 🙂

Now, my other half and I have Yana. She is this cute little red toy poodle, also sometimes known as a cat. My boyfriend can only shake his head when I say this, he even claims I confuse my niece and nephews. I am 100% positive they know I am being silly – that’s my name, don’t wear it out. She tends to go by noodle as well thanks to a talented songwriter/singer I know. She is such a scaredy-cat that she can’t even handle the methane gas that seeps from within. Every time this 8-year-old girl cuts the cheese she shockingly searches for where the sound came from. As if she doesn’t know. It’s the cutest thing ever to catch. Unlike the other four, I’m just glad they never smell. One less tush to worry about, figuratively speaking.

Now after years of experience and google searches, I have figured it out. First of all, we all have natural gases to release. But, If you have a pup that has sulfuric or terrible smelling gas I would recommend observing the food your dog eats first! Low-quality foods or ingredients that can’t be fully digested can cause gas. It could also be a change in diet or from the dog eating something new or spoiled (dietary indiscretion). Most cases of bad gas are caused by a diet that is poorly digested. Some dogs may also have food sensitivities and allergies. If you think your dog has a sensitive stomach, definitely find out what your dog’s stomach can and cannot handle. This information doesn’t just apply to dogs either… most animals!

I have a secret to share with you! Sometimes, I will pass myself off as the dog. I am only gaseous after dairy or certain meals, I pray that every time I find myself in this sort of situation there is a loving furry friend nearby. He or she can be my scapegoat – if the smell becomes a thing. Haha 🙂

Until next time!

xoxo Silly


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