Don’t spread your germs!

Should these two seasons be called sick season and the other two allergy season? I have not been sick nor will I be. I did suffer a lot from allergies last spring and summer but I am back to a hundred percent now.

Flu season just started and I feel like every year I get more and more germ-a-phobic. There has already been a few in the vicinity to get a sore throat. Not me – I’m sliding through with my environments with orange juice, matcha, and other teas with a cocktail of whole foods throughout the day. Lastly, I carry hand sanitizer everywhere. It’s not a cute accessory to have hanging on your bag/purse/what have you but its functional and pretty dang smart. I don’t know where your hands have been, I’m just saying.

“Being sick is all fun and games until you no longer live with your mom.” -Unknown

I think we should introduce proper “cold etiquette”. When I say cold etiquette this applies to anyone with as little as a small cough not caused by choking or smoking. If you have congestion in your head, the chills any symptom that makes you question your health – then these rules apply to you.

The following rules are not the law, they are simply a suggested list of what could be adopted and or updated by the general public. Just hear me out!

  • If you are coughing or sneezing try concealing it with something other than your hands, maybe your inner elbow, pick a side for consistency.
    • side note: If you open a door try not to use the same elbow. That’s why I recommended picking one side, I’m just saying.
  • Try not to directly touch people or other commonly touched things. I am by no means saying you have to call out of work or wear gloves. Just use a napkin to grab or pass the community salt in the break room.
    • If you are meeting someone and they want to shake hands, maybe suggest otherwise and briefly tell them why. They will likely be genuinely concerned and or appreciative of your consideration.
  • Too many symptoms can probably be left at home, literally. If you are coughing and sneezing up every bit of mucus in your body with a fever. You are wiping out the Kleenex cabinet. Feel free to keep all of your bodily fluids at home, plus work is likely distracted by the noise you were/are making.

I mean, I feel like that is all I can say, the rest is basic hygiene…you know washing your hands and being cleanly with shareable items. You never know, a sniffle, cough and sneeze later I start to worry. Shivers down my spine. I don’t like being sick! Squirrrrrrrt! Goes the hand sanitizer bottle into my chocolate hands. For those with sensitive noses, I am sorry. Please be prepared to smell the fumes from this here liquid. My neighbor would problem get a migraine – poor thing! We will get her some Advil or migraine meds in advance. You don’t want to be under a blanket looking miserable next week. We can’t count on others to contain their germs.

So gear up like a boss. Show those germs who’s boss!

xoxo oy


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