Korean Dramas

For you who said you eat a lot because you’re lonely.
For you who said you sleep a lot because you’re bored.
For you who said you cry a lot because you are sad.
I write to you.
Chew your cornered heart like rice.
For no matter what, life is for you to digest.

A poem from Let’s Eat (the last episode, translated to English)

I wanted to write a post about my obsession with Korean dramas. it also ends up turning to be about eating and happiness in numbers.

Korean dramas always made me feel inconsiderate and ignorant, in the best way I mean. Watching the “soap opera- like” show brought a sense of culture shock too. It is insane to see what is presented to the public from their culture. The women in these shows seem to withstand a lot of drama, emotion and family issues mostly due to tradition, however, they eighty-five percent of the time quietly succeed in their goals or wants. It is empowering and interesting to watch.

I have watched several dramas more than once, like “This is love, 100-year inheritance, Boy over flowers, Strong girl Bon soon, noble my love, one more time, oh my ghost, 12-year promise, Miss Panda and the Hedgehog and so many more. Korean dramas have also helped me realized eating with those you love and care about is one of the best memories and experiences to have. Throughout most of the shows, you can see they gather in groups to have big meals. Whether it’s a special occasion or it’s something quaint and cute the shows overall tend to eat well and be merry while doing so. My mouth waters as I watch them serve and dig into the various meals.

Eating good food is a pleasure in itself. The joy of each crunch. I want to celebrate as much as I can with good food and good company. Those are the only memories I cherish the most. I really have been thinking about this since I have watched the Korean drama “Let’s Eat!” on Netflix. So I will look into planning some type of eating event coming soon :). I also believe this is why I enjoy trying new foods. Born and raised Southern American was quite the limited palette, at least in my life.

My mother was and still is a great cook, she made several healthy decisions for us example salmon, baked chicken and a balanced portion of fruits and veggies were there. As they should be! I never had the luxury of other cultured foods growing up, my mother was too old-fashioned and unaware of much else. My mother know eats Chinese (dim-sum included), Korean, Peruvian, Thai, most Spanish and Meditteranean. I don’t think we will ever venture out to trying sushi, she can’t get past the idea of raw fish lol. Anyway, I’m happy to say that with the help of me and my two sisters making her try new stuff she has come a long way to having a diverse tongue.

I was sitting in my room thinking of all the great memories I can remember or find photos of. I can remember that most of them involved family, food and/or friends. Amazing food and good people is the easiest way to make one happy, I’m just saying my opinion.

Try watching Let’s Eat for a more understanding of what I mean by eating in numbers. Or try watching any of the listed above shows to see what I have such a fascination with this style/culture of fiction. I hope that you can appreciate as much as I do.

Until next time!

xoxo oy 🙂



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