Being Pro-Black…

Pro-Black doesn’t mean anti-white or any other anti-culture. According to Urban dictionary “Pro black – is a lifestyle that encourages the economic growth and development of the black people as a whole with a purpose of increasing the wealth and population of black people around the world. Whether it be spending money with black own business in your communities or online. Promoting the love for black people and encouraging black youth is it’s soul purposes to keep uplifting black people in America to be proud and at the same time.” Pro is Latin for “forward” or “for”. So my understanding is that without context Pro American means they have a favorable opinion of America. Truthfully though, there’s not a clear definition of pro-Black because so many people have different approaches to it. Full disclaimer, this entire post comes from someone who predominately had a mixed group of friends. This isn’t to discredit my opinion, just to elaborate on a different experience than your typical bro-black advocate.

I was told I couldn’t be pro-black if I don’t date within my own race. As an African American woman, you expect me to date within my race because of the past? Those and like minds present then are outnumbered now. We live in a different world now, one in which prejudices have grown but tolerance and respect are more desired of a citizen. Including the help of my other half, I’ve gone natural and experienced the growing pains that come with it. He has pushed a lot of my own culture back into my life. I have also learned to accept and respect everyone else’s opinion on the initial matter.

Regardless of anyone else, I would definitely consider myself pro-black. I will say, I’m not as educated in black history and culture as I would like but there is time for learning. The best example for me to give about this is to say your religious values in your denomination could be far off from some in the same denomination. In their differences don’t make them any less a part of their religion. You can feel entitled to your opinion – I just feel as though these things are all subjective. So who are you to judge? I do not have to agree with the words or actions of every black person to be Pro Black.

Interracial dating is doable for someone “labeled” Pro Black. As long as you have “a partner who is compassionate and empathizes with the same or similar values concerning the black community.

Ah welp! Until next time!


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