Meet Angelica!

Angelica is just as silly as all of the other little dolls, she was designed to be awkward as well as contribute to her friendly and quirky personality. Lastly, Lily was a tad upset that she didn’t have a female friend. At this time Ralph and Jefferey were her only pals.

angelica porch

Angelica is a sassy little diva, unlike Lily and loves to lead her friends to fun and adventure. I sometimes find her sleeping with my cat, Tails. She often lays her weight on her but eh, it is out of love I’m sure. Angelica also loves bubble baths, creating and exploring. Her curiosity isn’t favored amongst the other all the time. In the end, their explorations are safe and fun so the others allow her to take charge sometimes. She likes singing songs that she made up and making up new games with various rules. She has quite the imagination. Feel free to say hello if you see her out and about, however, bubble baths are off limits. she will freak out if you walk in on her bubble bath. Her favorite bath toy is Trixie. Trixie is a green rubber ducky from Las Vegas (picture shown in a later post)!

I named her Angelica in honor of the older show called “Rugrats”. She isn’t the first character I would’ve chosen but she looked so funny that I was reminded of Angelica’s awkwardly hairless doll Cynthia. And maybe I should have chosen “Cynthia” instead but Angelica she is.

angelica bathtime

She is made of oatmeal linen and organic cotton, she reminds me of my big sister, tall and lanky. We always picked on her saying she was adopted. For many reasons, one being so many various features between us for girls. It was all in good fun we love her just the same, is what I am supposed to say 😛

Angelica is definitely someone you want around!

Until next time!

xoxo oy 🙂


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