7 0 4ever-changing home!

Native to the 704, growing up here in Charlotte has been forever changing – it’s insane. Whether it is a new development, construction or what have you, this is definitely a thriving city to be in. Without scaring you away let me say one quick thing – gentrification! It’s scary but its happening just learn to embrace it, eh!

If you just got here check out any of our amazing museums, Freedom Park, Plaza-Midwood and Noda (for a chill/artsy area), Romare Bearden Park, U.S. National Whitewater Center (USNWC), The Discovery Place, the EpiCentre (downtown location filled with bars, clubs, restaurants, and entertainment). If you touch any of the above areas you would have at least seen a bit in commute. If you’re a foodie, try Sabor, China Wing (for some dope Korean food), Soul, Terrace Cafe, Tandur, RuSans, Bakersfield, Vivace, and that list goes on. I could go on and on about where to eat. I love eating! If you are traveling through, check the store hours for Paper Skyscraper and get a cool gift to take home.

Paddleboarding at USNWC.

I can’t tell you how many times formerly known, Vinny’s, was bought and changed located on south blvd. Or about the mom and pop places that still are hiding. Let’s not forget the backroads and cool spots throughout the city. You could have a scavenger hunt of sorts to explore as often as you wanted. I mostly am excited about new restaurants. Charlotte I knew had only a few go-to spots and now the hip and happening restaurants are popping out like daisies. I can’t keep up and neither can my stomach!

korean food
Beef Bulgogi from China Wing 🙂 yummy!

You can find so many cool boutiques, areas and etc throughout the queen city. The traffic is getting bad though. Oh, and construction is everywhere now – so much growth! Independence Boulevard, for example, has been under construction since I was born. Like seriously, why are there still orange cones everywhere? What are they doing?

Anyway, figure out your plans and how to get there. Get off your phone, or the couch rather 😉 Let me know what you find.

Until next time!

xoxo oy 🙂



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