Shower Procrastination

I save the shower for the last thing on my to-do list. I simply just hate being cold and wet, It isn’t the desired feeling for many I’m sure.

Getting in the shower the water has to be piping hot. Something to melt the dead skin and bacteria away. If I feel the slightest drop of a cooler temp I wait it out. I’d rather have minor burns from a high temperature than jumping into what feels like a rinse before the pool.

Getting out of the shower you can only hope for a few things: a towel or rug to step on, no draft and a towel to dry off with. If you have those 3, then I would say you came out a winner. Having your clothes laid out to put on is a plus but not drastic.  

Procrastinating to take a shower isn’t something I want to brag about. I mean, it gets done I just turn into a big baby about it because I’m cold. I wonder who else can relate? 


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