In my absence

I have just been doing a lot lately with life. I wish I didn’t forget to post on the holidays. Christmas and New Years have passed and I’m still playing catch up. I spent Christmas visiting, eating and drinking with family. I was able to get gifts for everyone on my list and that alone made it a special Christmas. New years was spent with my partner and his family. They are Russian, so after the NYC ball dropped, we had a lovely sitting surrounded by caviar toast, piroshki, and other traditional unique hors-d’oeuvres. It was definitely something new for me, however, I enjoyed myself. With that being said, I am truly loving the start this year has taken.

Yana posing for the camera.

We have completed phase one of our move. We are now in a temporary unit until ours on the other side of the building is ready. This past Tuesday makes a week of our stay here — so far so good. We are renting a loft-style apartment located in a lovely, creative neighborhood settled here in Charlotte. The place is open and full of natural light. There is exposed brick, big wooden beams, original flooring from what used to be an old mill. Did I mention all the natural light?

Decorating will take me time, but in the end, it will be glorious. We aren’t unpacking everything, only the necessities. Boxes are everywhere and it is driving me bonkers. My OCD and anxiety are completely off the charts with how much visual chaos there is. In order to manage, I am blocking it out by focusing on what is to come. I also have made a little corner on the kitchen counter — now I can catch up on some writing and give you guys and gals more.

Random room housing random things. I hung some clothes up in the closet for connivence.

The end result is, I have a shorter commute with less traffic and a cool creative space to start anew with bae. I can’t wait to make more memories here. We have already found a cool restaurant (which I will later blog about) and a nice place to walk Yana. Tails, our cat, has already made herself at home, turning the oddest of objects into little napping nooks.

Tails owning every box and blanket 😛

Can’t wait to show you the official place once we move in. I’ll have to decorate and show you the after, too. I’m excited! Next, I also plan to share my 2019 goals with you. 🙂

Until next time 😛


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