Krazy Fish

We decided to go out and get dinner for the first time at the new place. We had to try some place new. He found this place about seven mins away with a culture infused menu. I was shocked and intrigued — so we went. It was a quirky creative looking restaurant with even quirkier staff. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, staff included. The atmosphere to me seemed like a beach shack you would find somewhere off the east coast.

After meeting my delightful server, Jason, I saw gumbo on the menu and was sold. It had to be good right? There has never been a bad gumbo in my years thus far. I hope that you can say the same.

There are sometimes at restaurants where I feel the server knows what I want better than I do. Not ever sever can do this and you need to be super flexible. Just go in with a game plan and you’ll be shocked to see what new things you try. Jason ordered me a Roti (pictured below).

Roti Burrito — recommended by my server Jason, which by the way is secretly my new BFF.

OMG, It was so delicious! I was stuffing my face until I had inches left before my stomach exploding. I could barely rise from my seat.

After eating everything I felt like Jason knew me. He had to! To make me that happy with his food choice. I mean we had to be like soul mates in the food realm, or something.

If you live here and haven’t been you need to go. If you don’t live here and are visiting soon, you must add this to your list of stops. I would love to hear about it. What you ordered and if I should go back and try it 😉

Until next time 🙂


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