My precious time.

I’m running on a tangent from a conversation I was having with one of my girlfriends at lunch and we were talking about time — one of our biggest pet peeves. She is one of those girls that I can agree with on almost everything. But that’s not the only reason I love her. She helps me feel as though I am not being unreasonable with what irks me.

Time is on no one’s side, it ticks and tocks creating a stressful sound in the background. It’s the white noise that erks my soul. To have a room so quiet that you can hear the minute or second hand take the day away. Time is always moving forward, heck maybe that is all it can do. Not faster than the last, not slower than the first. Just steady ahead, pushing through like a steamboat. What if we worked like time — never sleeping.

Because time is so unforgiving this happens to be one of the things that get under my skin when dealing with others. I politely ask that you don’t waste my time. I consider it to be personal, something aggravating that can’t be undone, only learned from. This pet peeve of mine can be interpreted another way as well. Don’t complain about life to me over and over again without making the steps to change how you feel or your situation. I am the type of human being that takes time to listen, support and work with others when they are having a problem. Whatever I can do to help, I will. When I put that much thought and effort into something and see you faltering I remember I can’t be mad at anyone but me. Disappointing in whomever for wasting my time but mad at me for doing so much. At that point, that person is just wasting both of our time. My energy is also precious to me as I have been more fatigued lately. I guess I am just getting older. Since the end result will continue to be the same and we will be talking about this, again as if we never discussed it.

I like to work towards progress and or positive outcomes and hopefully, you can understand and respect that. I love to spend time doing things that will result in a better life for me. Time is precious, I value you yours, so please value mine.

Until next time!

xoxo – Silly


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