Stunt driver!

Me — a stunt driver! Sign me up — I would be beyond thrilled! Even if it were just for a day. Let me tear up some rubber and stain the road. Please oh please!

I don’t know a lot about cars, you know the mechanics, engineering and monkey grease lingo BUT I do like to drive them. Give me an open track without the law and an ambulance on standby, I think I would have loads of fun.

My mother yells at me even when I’m changing lanes. I’m not your basic signal light for everything kind of driver. I am such an opinionated driver, commentating on every stupid action in sight. Most people shouldn’t be allowed to drive. I’ll take it down a notch maybe when I’m older. Otherwise, most of you are giving me anxiety, causing other drivers issues and much more.

Zooming in my Honda Fit has never looked so pixelated. I always feel like Toad from Mario & Luigi go-carting games. I pick toad simply because this time of year I am wearing a big toboggan that makes me look more like him. I just got new tires on her so she was quite happy, long-lasting like a new pair of Uggs. As I open my imaginary soda, “my baby must be happy!”

Anyway, I’m the smallest car passing you, the put-put the refuses to be taken for granted. The busy bee always having somewhere to be. Which makes my car like my second home. My little baby, Frankie, may all be well on the roads!


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