Kid Play

I was truly a dangerous kid, likely the Gemini in me. It was to be anticipated though in my opinion. Due to the car-seat arrest, I experienced at an early age, once I outgrew them there was no going back. My poor mother didn’t know what to do with us, two Tasmanian devils. Then restraining us was the best way to manage everyone and everything else. Heck, now that I’m older and more aware, I understand the need to have my twin and me “locked-up” in desperate times.

We always got caught playing the craziest games or in the most dangerous places. We in this post will always mean me, my sisters and my cousins. We were very close-knit growing up. We were ALWAYS outside playing. We weren’t allowed time with the tv until a later age. Even later on tv wasn’t something we watched unless it was a planned movie, during breakfast or snack. Little things like iPods, tablets and the watchumacallits didn’t exist either BUT the weather was manageable that’s for sure.

Playing drive-by was something we played in the front yard. We would play until a car was coming. Someone would yell “DRIVE BY!” and we would all bolt to hide and take cover. Sadly, we got it from a movie we weren’t supposed to be watching haha. Building leaf houses in the backyard was the best. We would take some rakes and map out a house floor plan in leaves. Green short grass stained floors with big piles constructed to be platform beds and sectional couches to make it cozy. There was this one time we got caught playing tag on the roof. We were in soo much trouble, plus my mom almost had a heart attack. Especially when the youngest came running to edge saying “I’m here Auntie!” We had so many minds at work we had new games and games that were tweaked. We came up with some of the craziest stuff. Had to be creative though, otherwise, we would just be bored. No one wanted that.

Were you a wild child too? Do you have fun games or crazy stories to share? Please share in the comments below. Would love to hear from you!

Until next time 🙂


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