Adulting to the Max

So It’s time for an update. A lot has been going on and I really didn’t have the time or sanity to get to you.

Recently, I got a new car after discovering several costly complications with Frankie. She will be missed. I have yet to name the newbie, it’ll come. The newbie had its obstacles day 2 off the lot. Women tried to tell me how to turn the A/c on like I’m an idiot. However, it was fixed and we are moving on. That whole experience helped me practice my silence and patience. Patience didn’t last too long, to be honest, I requested a shuttle in twenty minutes and went home to help the movers. By the way, the brand new seven day-year-old car was missing a fuse for the air conditioner. I promise to be nice on the survey.

Ahhhhhhh! Relief. We have finally moved into the final unit where we will reside for a little over a year. Tails and Yana have grown to like our space since it is significantly bigger with more natural light.

soo many boxes to go through.

I was so happy to be done and moved in. I sighed heavily realizing it’s time to unpack. I can’t even try to think about decorating right now, my mind would explode. I’m trying my best to focus on what is in front of me. We have ordered new furniture and are waiting to set up the nest. I’m hoping to share before and after pictures as we move along.

Waiting on more furniture to add.

Secondly, let me fill you in. The building, as well as other units, are still under construction. My gate opener doesn’t work. We still have things that they need to fix in our unit. It’s insane. My closet is being held hostage by the lack of shelves which sucks really bad. The grass is greener on the other side though.

Wandering around, per usual.

Work seems to be more of a challenge lately. That is all.

Sleeping is something to talk about as a whole, I’m truly slacking but If only I had more time in the day. Balancing my other goals with work is quite a task in itself. I need to sit down and make a new weekly schedule to plan things at certain times.

So I made it sound like a lot but It’s not. It was definitely time-consuming as well as draining having to and still with all of the things going on. There are others out there that face more challenges than me, some in tougher situations too. So I just keep swimming.

Also, my plan is to challenge myself to take on less social activities and work on more personal and entrepreneurial avenues. I can’t wait to create and share what ideas I have floating around in this noggin.

Until next time. 🙂


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