latest news…

So I am all well and recovered. Thank goodness! I really can’t imagine how hospitalized sick people get through the day. Being stuck in a room and told to rest, ugh! My mind and body fought every hour of quiet. It was way too quiet, Yana and Tails could see me cringing out of my seat. Looking for something to occupy my time. It’s so hard for me to just “rest” unless truly needed. I’m just glad it’s all over.

The house is coming along well. We have ordered and set up some furniture. We even ventured out to IKEA, home of the assemble it yourself., which was almost took a whole day to assemble everything. That really does put your mind to work. Tails even got a new cat tree! Slowly but surely everything is finding its place. I can’t wait for everything to visually make more sense. That’s what we are still working on though.

Life at work has been more chaotic lately. I am playing catch up with a few things and need to work on focusing more while in the office. Watching the girls has been a learning experience. One that I enjoy, as all kids are different and have their own needs. It is always a challenge to find the right words in certain circumstances. A challenge I encourage and appreciate.

Working on my life goals have been at a standstill while we try setting up the home space. It isn’t the desired pause but something I can look forward to once everything is in its place.

It isn’t much else I can think of right now. So until next time my loves! 🙂


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