my hair.

you guys…

Why is it so hard for me to manage my hair?

I am a hundred percent very serious right now. It’s like I never took the time to educate myself about my hair. I struggle at twenty-seven to take care of something I’ve had all my life.

As an extension of me, I need to take better care of me. My hair needs to become my friend, heck, my best friend!

I will say growing up we were practicing ancient techniques with grease and things I couldn’t bear to touch or put in my hair. It just made it weigh down so much. It was a yucky feeling even that young. Now there has been a surplus of ethnic women who are embracing the natural look. Also pairing education and tutorials to different types of hair for many to view and learn via social media. How grateful I am!

There are so many things that I have learned about natural hair care. First, the most important thing was that I shouldn’t dry-detangle my hair. There are different mask, deep conditioners, and products that you can buy or make yourself. It’s really all trial and error when it boils down to it.

So I have yet to find someone to consistently help manage my hair. But maybe, JUST MAYBE I will learn to manage it myself first. Each coil and nap are different, making me cringe as I detangle.

Ultimately, I just need to dive in and make more time for my hair. We will see how I do, I plan to share this journey with you all! But until next time! 🙂


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