Women have gas too…

“Whew!” what my other side tends to say shortly after I cut the cheese. I mean it’s only natural, right? When is there a proper time to let loose? My insides will not tolerate the gas for long, sometimes it just slips.

So many things are “gross” and natural but accepted only by men. he looks at me like I am crazy when I burp. Mind you, it does sound like a big grizzly man. However, it’s natural and I do my best to one tone it down and two minimize the people I let loose around. “Don’t look at me like that, you’re just jealous!” Are the things I want to say when I get those awkward looks.

I try to avoid doing it in public or around any guest. My partner just may have to chalk it up to natural gases – causes….what have you. I mean the whole idea of me holding it in period is a little much.

Why can’t it just be accepted following a nice and cute “excuse me”.


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