Family of Girls

Growing up in a family of girls is tough, truly. I have three sisters with whom I grew up with. My older sister, twin sister and little sister. Four total girls, a wife, and a female dog for my poor dad to handle throughout those years. Don’t get me wrong, we make a great set of girls but that was definitely a big job to take on. We were quite the four for my mom to handle. There are things that moms just have to do and figure out when kids are involved. Just have to be able to roll with it, she sure did.

When we were younger we had a small place where us girls shared a bedroom and one bathroom. We had a system in our room and we all got along about eighty percent of the time. The bedroom was doable, more so than the bathroom. Can you imagine four girls sharing one bathroom for all of their needs? OMG! You guys I hope you aren’t in the same situation (such a first world problem). Just think how many fights broke out at the bathroom door. Someone even lost their bladder waiting for entry, because yes, the door locked. From the inside, it was likely a little piece of heaven, as our house was normally loud.

Then if you haven’t already, picture all girls starting their menstrual cycles. Ah! The smell, the vibe, and the learning experience were all so awkward. I mean think about it, once womanhood has set there are multiple menstrual cycles that should be considered and/or understood. Syncing our cycles was the absolute worse! I mean OMG, we all know what this could bring on during that week of joy (as I roll my eyes). We eventually moved to a bigger place but by then we had all just about mastered womanhood. Baby girl, my youngest sister peaked a little later, lucky for her.

Anyway, my childhood was full of gals- moods, vibes, cycles and all! How was your household growing up? Do you have siblings?

🙂 Until next time.


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