losing loved ones.

I experienced losing a loved one as early as seven. I remember it well, we were playing a spice girls game. At this time my sisters and I shared a large bedroom. My mother walked in and calmly told us my cousin had passed and we were to visit her family soon. She was so young, didn’t even get to experience her teens. She passed in her sleep. She would be thirty-two now.

I didn’t understand that; I mean, what seven-year-old would? I was told that “she went home to the lord”. Visiting them was eye-opening and scary at first. It slowly sunk in. The tears and sorrows confirmed what I thought I understood from my mother. I would not be seeing her again. Over the years, I’ve come to understand why a mother weeps the way she does; how a family can come together in sorrow and support. As well as what inner emotions you have to overcome when losing someone.

Later, I remember an open casket that gave me nightmares for years. The nightmares weren’t fun at all. They were vivid and woke me up many nights after. At one point my mind was altering the same nightmare as if there wasn’t enough to be scared of.

Losing my furry friends, Missy (female canine) at fourteen and Momo (male feline) at ten. He suffered from Fatty Liver Disease. Missy was rolling around in the grass one evening in our front yard. The next morning she was lying by my bedside, no longer with us. So traumatic to abruptly wake up at my mom sobbing. I wasn’t sure why until I looked down and saw her stiff right below me. Both were two different experiences, however, I cried until my eyes were swollen and weak.

Losing a loved one is not something to take lightly. It takes a lot on you, your health as well as how you handle daily life. For those that I ‘ve lost – you are not forgotten. I overcame my grief and honor your lives for what I was able to experience with you. Thank you! You’re truly missed.

Until next time. 🙂


2 thoughts on “losing loved ones.

  1. Well said my friend💕. I love all your posts but this one hit especially close to home. The loss of someone human or furbaby is never easy. Their absence resonates in many places in our lives and is often felt for years to come. My grandmother reminded me a few days before her passing from cancer, that I should not mourn her loss but instead celebrate the mark and legacy she left behind in the world. Her words of wisdom gave me comfort in my time of grief. She welcomed the idea of being at rest, no longer in pain and going home to her ever after with such grace….. I can only hope to be so wise when the time comes for my departure. I guess in end all we can hope for is that our memory lives on through our loved ones and the lessons of our life are passed to the next. We should all share our blessings, God knows there is more than enough to go around. 🤗


  2. Agreed to another comment, love all your post & without a doubt this one could be deeply felt. Having lost a few best friends in a short life, starting at age 3, close family, and knowing of people who have went on. Death is not easy in the slightest but hopeful to comfort those who are experiencing.. I believe we go through the unexplainable sometimes in order to be able to be there for someone else in need 💚


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