flower power!

I grew up rebellious against femininity. I was determined to be stronger, better, tougher, taller, and more compared to a man. Early on I saw a man as a competitor, someone I always had to prove myself to. I’m telling you this because because of that, I didn’t like girly colors, flowers or anything associated with girls. Not to change my gender or anything just because.

To stay focused let me tell you that now as a twenty-seven year old woman, I love flowers. Like a lot. They make me happy; the bright colors and wonderful smell of them lightens my day. Flowers are delicate, beautiful, fun and lovely to look at.

I’m still learning a bit about flowers and plants. I was working at a flower shop as a Floral Designer for a few months and it was the best position I had ever had. The holidays were busy but everyday I got to learn and play with earth’s treasures.

For valentine’s day I received five large sunflowers, my favorite. I was so thrilled, I went out and bought more flowers the same day. I came home and worked through them. I was disappointed to see how rusty I was but surely figured things out.


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