Spring is here!

Screaming “Hell yessssss!” to this warmer weather. I’m so glad I can start taking layers off of this chocolate skin. The sun is out and about sharing it’s rays. As of now there are no showers on standby – I couldn’t ask for more. Feeling the sun on my skin makes the day just that much more worth while. I’ve been waiting for the day for me to lose wearing so much and it’s here. Well – officially that is. Today marks the first day of spring. Temperatures here in Charlotte, NC have confirmed it.

Everyone is taking lunches outside, more kids at the park, more bugs venturing out and into my space. I can also see that I usually have a better day when the suns is out. I sometimes think the sun is my inner strength. Haha, days are tough without it.

Soon it’ll be time for a certain someone to start exercising on our greenway and just being more available to the outdoors. Oh how I miss being outside with nature’s treasures. Playing sports and absorbing the outdoors is where you’ll find me if I have free time.

I’ll be starting my spring planting soon and decorating the house. Can’t wait to share what succulents and plants we have acquired so far. Do you plant anything in the spring? Oh, Easter is coming up too! What activities do you partake in during the spring!?

Agh! Well, until next time!


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