I’m back

My biggest apologies about my absence. I’ve been in and out of the trenches. Wether it be work, sewing, family, and health.

I now have four holes in my mouth. My wisdom teeth were finally removed thank goodness. That pain was no longer welcome. I’m still on a soft diet due to healing. It’s a struggle but at least I have a nonstop supply of applesauce. Oh and pudding – I just rediscovered my love for pudding. My tongue can bear the wait. I start to drool before I can even get it open. Spooning out that first bite is magical. Today will make it a week from the day I had the procedure.

My oldest sister is visiting this week with her three kids from Atlanta, oh how I have missed them. She has one girl and two boys, in that order. They are a handful but still very precious and sweet. Making time to be with them and balancing the rest have become quite the challenge.

Work has been overwhelming with new tasks and not enough time, but we will find a way to make sense of it all. Its all about time management. I never get too much into that. This isn’t about work.

I went to the depot, a huge antique mall, recently and got a lot of cool pictures. I will be blogging about that next week. It was such a needed trip. Going there lets me feel okay about hoarding, even though I’m not allowed. The pictures I accumulated will be share periodically on Instagram as well as the original post.

I have been at a standstill on sewing. My machine needs to either be repaired or replaced. Still looking into what needs to be done. So I have been doing somethings by hand. With how much time it takes me, I’m ready for a resolution with the machine.

Over the weekend I am helping a family pack up their house to get ready for a big move, sewing, relaxing and cleaning up the apartment and what is left of my life, haha. Sorry, this was brief! Until next time.


2 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Carrying on amazingly! The place looks breathtaking, loveeee what you’re doing with it so far!!

    Hand sewing to make it happen? Yes! You are true definition of by any means 👑🙌


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