I am not a shoe girl.

Let’s face it. I am not a shoe girl, at all. The fact that I have shoes on is probably because it’s required by society. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them nor do I refuse to wear them. I am just overall not a feet person so you see where my trouble begins. I like for my feet to be free and able to breathe. I don’t like bare feet near or touching me. If it so happens to be a similar situation you may find me gaging or fighting for my life.

My usual group of shoes would be three pair that I rotate throughout the week. A pair of tennis shoes for anything active. A pair of ballet flats to throw on before work. Last but not least, my wannabe white converses I found at Michael’s (craft store) of all places.

I have other shoes, they just aren’t as important. Most of my shoes live in the trunk of my car, the others share two closets at home. The trunk of my car is super convenient, and likely the dirtiest thing in my car.

What can I say, I’m pretty basic when it comes to shoes. I like the fancy ones too, I just don’t think money should be exhausted on them. I also know how to get dolled up for a fancy event. I just like to save those looks for those one-offs. I like to think of myself as basic for the right reasons. Wearing the same shoes all the time comes with its cons though. You may ruin a nice shoe too fast which is usually my problem. I call them dailies, no not the contacts silly. But that’s what happens when you walk the sole right out of the shoe. Heck, I still have a pair that I still cherish, the soles are starting to separate, layer by layer. The top sole slides out with my foot every time. It’s quite sad. I And I know it’s time to give them up.

Ugh! When it comes to buying shoes. Oh goodness! I never want to pay full price for clothes or shoes so that is always a factor in which pair makes the better decision. Remember when I said I was basic, well let’s get back to that. On top of trying to find a deal, the shoe has to speak to me. It can’t be obnoxious looking or screaming for attention. Color choice mostly depends on what the shoe function is.

Shoes are required for safety, hygiene, and entry into most establishments. I wear them but not always by choice. Anyway, I’m sure you got the message. Where do you stand… with or without shoes?

Until next time.


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