The Depot

Located only thirty minutes from me, open seven days a week stands a big place called The Depot. I mean, it’s only 88,000 square feet of antique heaven. They even have a fabric shop inside, which makes it all worth-while. I literally have to plan a day just to go there. My thirty-minute commute turns into a dance session in my car to help settle my butterflies. I’m never nervous, just always excited to roam and adventure through this maze of a store. And no, I’m not exaggerating, the place is huge. Once you walk in, grab a map at the front desk. I’m not sure how much help it’ll be, but it made me feel a bit better about aimlessly walking around.

So my recent trip to the depot was for pleasure. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular. My other half, however, was looking for masks and other small-like props he could use in his studio. So there I was, like a squirrel in a nut store. I didn’t know where to go.

The booths throughout are staged and designed with the seasons in mind. The entire store was ready for Spring/Easter. I found so many hidden bunnies, eggs, chicks, baskets, and all the works. The different looks of each booth were worth slowing down to take some photos. I’m calling them little spaces — where one can be inspired, be creative or simply relaxed.

Everywhere I turned, I was pleased to find something weird or quirky. There was one clown lying around. I sat him upright to chat for a bit. His name was Howard, he was tired and sleepy. You can tell he was exhausted from being on display. Quite the character he was, reminiscing about old times and laughing at his own jokes. He sounded like someone’s grandfather. I left him sitting there so he could carry on with his shenanigans.

Then I suddenly found this old sledgehammer. I immediately felt like I was Chip from The Fixer Upper. I mean, you got to love demo day. There is a sense of release when you can break things into tiny pieces for the trash.

I even found an old Singer sewing machine. It was definitely a fancy one based on the look of it. It was in the best condition I would assume given its age. I admired the paint detail covering the face of the machine. If I had the space, I wouldn’t think more than twice about buying it.

As you can see, I could go on about what I was able to find and why I love adventuring throughout the antique mall. But I’ll save some excitement for you. Do you have any antique malls near you? What do you like about them?

Until next time. xoxo


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