party planning

As much as I like throwing a party, I’d rather not plan it. Well, that is when I am behind and everything seems last minute. Oh, time flies when you are busy working for multiple people. It’s hard to work for yourself sometimes.

I have been planning a house warming party for my partner and I. It’s tomorrow and as I am writing this I’m still working out the menu and decorations. It’s quite the thing to stress about. This is what I get for not making time to plan this. I blame me.

It’s not like it’s even a big party. It’s really just family, friends who helped move and close friends. The invitations were limited. Anyway, I’ve decided to not stress. These people love me no matter what. They’ll love it and enjoy themselves at the same time.

I confirmed everything that was needed and made one last list for the store. Which I will be running out to get sometime in the morning. I’m still anxious and worried about a few minor things. I’m just hoping it passes, hah.

I can’t wait to share more about the party. I’m excited about the cheese tray. Until next time.


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