What? Candy Sushi?

Randomly at the Harris Teeter, in the International aisle we saw this:

I immediately had to have it. I don’t even remember the price. We got home and I wasn’t sure how long I could wait to open it. I had already had so many sweets that day!

When we were ready, I thoroughly read the instructions and carefully opened the box of goodies. We were shocked to see several little packets of powder. I was about to embark on some form of experiment. We were super excited to see how it turned out and how it would taste.

First, we sat the white tray upright and filled the compartments with water, each had a fill line. Each labeled compartment had a packet to go with it. The “candy” rice along with the “candy” salmon roe was the most shocking. The rice fluffed up and created a rice-like texture within seconds of stirring. The salmon roe had two compartments – using a little suction bottle you would pick up the color and drop little balls into the next color to form a separate solid. I WILL NOT get into the science of any of this.

Tasting it was just as shocking as making it. The soft gooey texture of the rice with its sugary grit was interesting on our tongues. The omelet and tuna were made into slabs and scooped out of the tray. Adding the two to the rice made me feel like a sushi pro. That’s a bit of a stretch, but it was cute and fun – exactly what the box says.

My oldest nephew loves sushi and would likely love this little experiment/treat too. It was definitely fun to make. Can you make sushi? Even if its candy sushi, I’ll accept it.

Until next time 🙂


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