Good morning world.

Celebrating another year of life. Hoping to grow tall with wisdom, stronger with patience and consistent by working towards multiple forms of income. My goal is to be the best me EVERYDAY. Working to challenge yesterday me.

For those wondering, today I am twenty-nine years young. It’s weird to even say, honestly. I mean, my boyfriend questions my age on a daily basis. My numbers never seem to surpass the age seven years of age. Just to give you perspective, I just like to be silly and have fun. I’d rather spend the extra or burst of energy on something that provides joy.

Anyway, Im excited about this new year. my growth has continued to inspire and push me in so many ways. I am truly excited to say what the year brings! I cant wait to share!


One thought on “Rebirth.

  1. Happy one week of your new year! I love your silliness , who says adulthood has to be so serious ! Continue to live in joy!


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