It’s yoga for me.

Many years ago, when I was four years of age being raised in a financially chaotic household, our family started from the bottom — the best way to make it, in my opinion. With everything said, I can appreciate the journey it took to get here, the people in it, and continuous setbacks.

I started my menstrual cycle in middle school. Soon after, I got my first job, and since then I have been working for a check as well as working to make a change for myself. It truly feels like forever that I have been fighting and running from bad habits, addictions, and health issues. General, mental, and physical health was starting to go downhill. Financial troubles began to take over my mind. I tried to push myself out to be around people who made me feel alive, loved, and important. Such a false feeling it was. I started to realize I needed to feel all the feels by MY DAMN SELF. Not that people aren’t great, but I needed to be great by myself first. No one could have filled that void for me.

As a young teenager, I remember liking to be alone and in tune with myself for long periods of meditation to calm my anxiety and nerves. I started back doing two to five minutes of morning meditation. It later evolved to ten minutes of yoga at least two to three times per week. I now do yoga at least once per day, sometimes twice.

Feel this in your chest and the back of that angled leg, and breathe through it.

I treat yoga as if it’s a job, as well as a lifestyle. I’m clocking in to a better me. Doing so helps me stay true to my consistency. I get on my mat, and I feel focused on what the intent is for the day. I work on my breathing threw each pose. Inhaling to lift and exhaling to fold. You can really feel the breath moving through the body. Each twist and fold may feel like a struggle but push through (not too much!). I’m not flexible shouldn’t be your response because that is the just a feature you obtain once practicing such a form over time. With practice comes flexibility comes self awareness, self confidence and so much more. Embrace your future and try some basic yoga. Yoga isn’t about impressing those on social media. It’s about showing up for yourself as often as you can. Making that time for yourself for you to prepare for your journey is super important.

Your foundation is in your feet push through that thigh muscle and breathe. It won’t be long.

I slowly started to recognize more of myself. I am happier, more in harmony with myself, and more receptive to information. Additionally, I find myself to be more patient and calmer in typical aggravating situations. I now feel in control of my anxiety and depression, something I never thought was possible. I have managed and monitored my food tolerances, as well as my ongoing endometriosis issues.

Don’t get too crazy. Find balance before lifting your arms. 🤗

Through consistency, I know yoga has saved me from my past self. I want to absorb as much as possible and grow with the world.


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