welcome change

I’m proud of us! I knew we could do it! That doesn’t mean it’s over, though! We still have a lot going on, and it can be overwhelming. You’ve got the power! We have learned some things to assist us in moving forward, aye! We aren’t perfect, never be that. However, we are learning. Let your success matter only when talking about the personal growth you make as a humane being.

I want to take a moment to pause for all the lives we lost due to COVID-19. Wherever you lay your head, I know you can relate to the emotion and stress this added to the masses. I hope that everyone is healing in the best way that they can. I hope people are finding ways to get by financially. Or even to cope healthily through this time. Lastly, staying safe to protect yourself and others.

With every new year, every decision or action can bring change. Whether you want it or not, it’s coming! Just as time keeps moving, we should too. Change is inevitable but what matters most to me is how you handle it. Regardless of the result, it is what keeps us on our feet. We can’t predict the future. Bless those who try. When we worry too much about the future, we cant enjoy the present. We can only learn from the past. I hope that we won’t have to relive any of it. Well, fashion trends I will accept.

Twenty Twenty was a shit show, excuse my french, but seriously, too much was happening. I think everyone did need a reality check, though. In whatever part of your life needed to be adjusted – it most likely went in hard last year.

I watched the new Mulan, one of my favorite princesses. I remember the scene near the end. Where she finds the emperor hostage and must save him, the kingdom, and lastly herself. When she started to lose herself, The Emperor shouted: “Rise up! You are a mighty warrior! Rise up like the Phoenix!”

Mulan had a heavy load to carry while taking down all the obstacles in her way to glory. Here I am, in my space on this big green and blue. working hard to be more mindful, purposeful, and peaceful. That’s all! I want to also shoutout, from Mulan she fought with three virtues. Loyal, Brave, and True! All of which I plan to practice this year on top of my consistency.

This year is going to be so exciting. I am excited to find balance in it all, to have an open heart, to grow, invest in myself more, and flourish! I will be sharing my tips and routines with you this month. Feel free to share your tips and things. It DOES take a village! Let’s break the internet with this village of knowledge. Let’s grow together! With pure intentions, we strive.
In the end, we will thrive. I believe this to be true. I hope you do too!

I love you all! This year will be more than you expected.


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