Yoga anywhere

I chose to do yoga anywhere. I am not worried about who is watching or what I am wearing. So many times, I get the urge to drop it low to the floor for some basic stretches. Breathe through my thoughts and past decisions.

Doing yoga calms me; it keeps me closer to my true self. The flow of my breath and body inspires me to reach for my dreams. As if there is a soundtrack surrounding me telling me to keep moving.

Moving with purpose has seemed to be my most used phrase. It keeps me on my toes; I am grateful for it. This string of words placed perfectly in this order can only bring out the best in us. I hope to move with purpose for the rest of my life. To do something with intent is powerful. I hope it is for the best.

When I wake up, I have to put my intentions first. So I start with yoga. It gets my soul moving. My mind and body are on parallel paths. With breath, I shock myself every day. With my breath, I can take all the challenges into the process and then out move forward.
Like breath, let the things in this world come and go. Yoga has helped me through so many traumas, doubts, fears, demons, and distractions. I know it will continue to do so.

All of the above things are why I chose to do yoga anywhere. I am not worried about who is watching or what I am wearing. If the cloth is as flexible as my body, then it shall be done. Viewers will be JUST that for the rest of our lives. Do what you need to do for yourself.

Feel free to do yoga anywhere, don’t let the stigma stop you. Damn sure, don’t let anyone else.


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