Sour Apple

Cheers 🍏

So I have been doing a lot of juicing lately. After this trend started I started to make mixed drinks with various juices. This is the first success that I wanted to share with you. There are no additives and I used organic produce.

To make this refreshing treat you will need the following juiced items.

  • Juiced Apples
  • Juiced Celery
  • Juiced Cucumber
  • Sliced Apple for garnish

Side note: I used a cucumber garnish instead of an apple because I only had red apples 🍎 (which would throw off my image). Hint: I always pass on cucumbers! 🤢 Bae ate them both for me. So nothing was wasted to make this shot.

First, pour in the apple juice, this is the base. This should be at least half of the drinking cup. It creates a brown base and makes the drink sweet. If you are worried the other two juices will create a more bitter drink, add a bit more apple juice here. Next pour in the cucumber and then top it off with celery. The two green juices can be equal parks.

Want to shake things up a bit? Make it spicy and add a bit of juiced ginger. I also like to play with the shades of green to see what I end up with. You can do that by alternating the amounts of green juices.

Let me know what you think! Did you like it? Did you add anything to it!?


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