Welcome to Applesauce Chronicles!

     Hello there, I hope all is well. I’m glad you got a chance to stop by and take a look. They like to call me silly but feel free to call me Bri. I’m southern born and raised in Charlotte, NC.applesauce_8542 I’m a hands on, challenge accepting, silly, fun and sarcastic kind of thing. I dabble here and there but listing a bunch of things seems boring and totally takes away the mystery. I promise my post will be the most effective way to get to know me. The least I could say is that I am an assortment of colors and my interest over flow. Heck, I can barely keep up myself.


     This is a blog for those who dare to ask questions, for those who can boldly talk about anything and the ones who just simply like to express themselves, methane gas included. I love to share my experiences, thoughts and what have you. Posts will range from yummy food, art, music, health, adventure, poop talks and much more. I will try my best to not only speak my mind but add facts and play devil’s advocate in most topics. I will share stories that are from my childhood and from the present.

     How on earth did I come up with the name Applesauce Chronicles? Well, It’s simple really, I was relaxing around the house, struggling with a name for the blog and I was squeezing the remnants of applesauce from a squeeze pouch. I thought why can’t I name it applesauce. Applesauce alone wasn’t something I was digging so I tried many pairings with different words to see what I liked.

applesauce_8634The name comes from my sweet obsession with applesauce.  I pack those precious cups and pouches for lunch til this day, one of my guilty pleasures. My child like behavior and snack choices led me to believe that using “applesauce” was a perfect fit and I stand behind that til this day. So really it all just kind of fell in my lap.