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Shenanigan is my middle name

Who says I am thirty years young?…. *Cough Cough* well, for starters my mom, the government. But you know who to say. Bae thinks I have been seven years old this entire time we have been dating. Heck I’d be fourteen if you just counted the birthdays we’ve had together.

Anyway, all that to say. I am a child in the eyes of most men. Here, let me prove it!

I am on Instagram TickTock Facebook and Twitter. I have several accounts I do the most with my personal account (ohhsilly) it’s more of the day to day shenanigans 😬. This is the only place for blogging you now.

Until next time, xoxo

Also Happy Hump Daaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee!

The only PROOF I need!

Meet my adorable nephew, CJ! Every time I see this photo, I scream!

I want to take the time to thank my sister for having such amazing kids! You kind Sir will never disappoint! LMFAO!

– Bri

Not sure if the prints were order, knowing his mom she was more annoyed with this look.

Let me tell you something though! I want this framed. This is my dude! Happy Saturday y’all!

Feel free to share, create GIFs, and memes. This without a doubt should go viral!

Love you mean it!


Old scribble.

So I found an old notebook of mine. This notebook contained ancient writings of mine from two thousand-six and earlier. Like OMG, I was shocked to see how little me was so emotional. I imagine that is a typical response though, right? I mean we grow and mature over the years, most anyway. I thought it would be cool to share some of these things with you. Over time we should get through them all together - i know, bare with me. 

My goal is to leave the poems and writings in the rawest form so you can get a gist of little baby me. They will be categorized as "Old scribble". The first one is called Cry Today.

Bee in his ear.

So I return home to a bunch of chaos in the kitchen. My sisters are ducked off laughing about the commotion. I peek over and my mom is huddled over my dad. He has a towel folder under him and she has several in the near vicinity. She also has hydrogen peroxide, q-tips, and other random tools. At first, I was really worried and thought the girls were being mean.

That was until I heard…

My dad claimed that a bee flew into his ear. He had a face of stone, so I guess he couldn’t be kidding. He kept saying he could hear a buzzing inside, I couldn’t help to bust out laughing. I just kept thinking he had lost it. I mean it was a great laugh. One I’ll never forget, that’s for sure.

I never found out if the bee was legit in his ear. BUT WHY SHOULD I? I will forever be content with the idea of it in there in the first place. Was it trying to get wax? Was the bee drunk? I could go on and on, til the laughter brings tears.