Vegganers Luck

Chef Nay has literally done it AGAIN! I literally have been on the look out for a fish alternative. She shocked me for thankgisiving last year and now this. I am taken back for sure.

Vegganer’s Luck Catfysh Po’Boy

Her Po’boy has done the job! You can’t tell me this isn’t fish. So I checked out her Instagram after eating that sukkah and I mean she has been finessing the vegan culture for sure.

I’m talking about Nacho and/or Taco Tuesdays, Build a Brunch, Sunday Dinners, and more. I am in love! Forget kissing the chef. Marry me!!!? 😛 hahaha! Janay, I cant wait to see what you have in store for my stomach.

Like I said, she originally shocked me for Thanksgiving. This is what was on the menu last year.

This is an A++ Menu! PERIOD!

Chef Nay made the mac and cheese, sweet potato pie, mashed potatoes. Let me knot forget the main entrees. Did I mention it was all vegan? Hahaha, come to my house and get fooled if you want to.

But let me add it is so delicious! truly the bee’s knees.

I love that Janay is so sweet and humble. She has dominated the vegan version of soul food. She creates less of a hesitation for such a healthier lifestyle.”

Can’t wait to see what is in store for this year! If you are looking to go vegan. Let Chef nay lead the way. Feel free to check her out on IG @ vegganersluck and her site

I have been sleeping on her brand. I swear… I just turned on the notifications on Instagram so I don’t miss any deliciousness.

Until next time! 😀

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Recycled jewelry

Sour Apple

Cheers 🍏

So I have been doing a lot of juicing lately. After this trend started I started to make mixed drinks with various juices. This is the first success that I wanted to share with you. There are no additives and I used organic produce.

To make this refreshing treat you will need the following juiced items.

  • Juiced Apples
  • Juiced Celery
  • Juiced Cucumber
  • Sliced Apple for garnish

Side note: I used a cucumber garnish instead of an apple because I only had red apples 🍎 (which would throw off my image). Hint: I always pass on cucumbers! 🤢 Bae ate them both for me. So nothing was wasted to make this shot.

First, pour in the apple juice, this is the base. This should be at least half of the drinking cup. It creates a brown base and makes the drink sweet. If you are worried the other two juices will create a more bitter drink, add a bit more apple juice here. Next pour in the cucumber and then top it off with celery. The two green juices can be equal parks.

Want to shake things up a bit? Make it spicy and add a bit of juiced ginger. I also like to play with the shades of green to see what I end up with. You can do that by alternating the amounts of green juices.

Let me know what you think! Did you like it? Did you add anything to it!?

Yoga anywhere

I chose to do yoga anywhere. I am not worried about who is watching or what I am wearing. So many times, I get the urge to drop it low to the floor for some basic stretches. Breathe through my thoughts and past decisions.

Doing yoga calms me; it keeps me closer to my true self. The flow of my breath and body inspires me to reach for my dreams. As if there is a soundtrack surrounding me telling me to keep moving.

Moving with purpose has seemed to be my most used phrase. It keeps me on my toes; I am grateful for it. This string of words placed perfectly in this order can only bring out the best in us. I hope to move with purpose for the rest of my life. To do something with intent is powerful. I hope it is for the best.

When I wake up, I have to put my intentions first. So I start with yoga. It gets my soul moving. My mind and body are on parallel paths. With breath, I shock myself every day. With my breath, I can take all the challenges into the process and then out move forward.
Like breath, let the things in this world come and go. Yoga has helped me through so many traumas, doubts, fears, demons, and distractions. I know it will continue to do so.

All of the above things are why I chose to do yoga anywhere. I am not worried about who is watching or what I am wearing. If the cloth is as flexible as my body, then it shall be done. Viewers will be JUST that for the rest of our lives. Do what you need to do for yourself.

Feel free to do yoga anywhere, don’t let the stigma stop you. Damn sure, don’t let anyone else.

Chapter Three

Journey with me…

Life has a funny way of teaching/showing you things on time so you can prepare yourself. Not everything is promised to prepare you. It’s cray what bullets I’ve missed on this journey — I am so grateful. For life is precious and any sudden move can change your direction. I am blessed and I am thankful!

There has been so much going on, I have been all sorts of all over the place. With all of the changes, stresses and *whispers* of anxiety, I have been managing — for solutions are the result of not giving up. I’m fine-tuning my schedule and making choices that serve my morals, passions and goals!

Growing up is never-ending, that’s what I like about it. My favorite part has been always questioning what they tell me. “They” being everyone, haha. Please understand, I am painfully technical most times. Chose your words wisely. Communication need not run out of style, guys. Feelings and opinions are just that, and I prefer the things that don’t change. With that being said, I have always questioned labels; the fact that they exist, the definitions of them, and how we the people may easily misuse them. My poor mother, hahaha! Let’s just say, there is always something to chat about.

Things that you typically think to continue to grow: nails, nature, hair, blah blah blah. What I would like to challenge you to do is… Grow your level of awareness and compassion. Grow that closed mind, if applicable. Try something new, eat new food. We can only experience and grow as individuals if we let ourselves. If you are normally stuck in your ways, then things in this field will be hard. Stick with it and you shall prevail.

Feel free to follow more of my journey @mindfulfourcorners on IG, Facebook, and Youtube.

Moving on… This is random but I am totally on to something. Bare with me… I was thrown into residential homes at an early age. Before my teens, I would join my dad and help him do hardwood floors. We often ran into my godfathers, who also do residential trade work. I will have a post later about that type of life. For now, here is a picture of me getting down and dirty.

If you are in the Charlotte, NC area or surrounding counties and want a quote for your hardwood floors, give’m a shout! Forte Floors 704-605-4036. Quality is the Forte difference!

On May 4th I passed my NC Real Estate exam. Oh, how it feels to be done with that. For so long I was working in a real estate law firm. It was cool to be on that side of things. With that and real estate school, I learned so much about owning a home and the law on real property. I feel as though 30% of the information should be taught at some point in high school. Let me not address the school system though.

As a realtor, my goal will always be to protect my client, whichever side we are on. I know the land and my upbringing has helped me see the cost of trade work and repairs. With a wide range of homeownership resources and knowledge, I plan to be the BEST! I can’t wait to see what is to come. If you are looking to buy Real estate in North Carolina, let me know!

On the 24th I got back to work and am loving this new law firm. My direct supervisor is the bee’s knees. I feel like I found a distant family member. She is so kind and compassionate. So giving and sweet! I could brag about her all day but I am not sure how much time you have. At this firm, there is a great balance of work and life. I am not a number and I am respected — crazy how hard that is to find, smh. We will talk about work environments later. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together as a team. Those who know me know my work ethic and skill always produce success.

Well, I have completed all of my personal goals before my 30th birthday! Next on the list will be stocks, savings and working on my health. The bigger more public things would be starting my store for Applesauce Chronicles. I am excited to say I will have items made and/or designed by yours truly. The goal is to be running before Christmas! I can almost guarantee you that you want some of our stocking stuffers!

I hope you all are making goals for yourself! If and when you put your mind towards something that serves you, the universe will reward you. Stay true to your manifestations and just keep swimming!

Saturday afternoon, lookout for a post and pictures from my dirty thirty celebrations! Peace and love!

Açaí Exotica

I present this lovely dynamic. Here we have Açaí Exotica. She is a bad bish! 😆 I inhaled it so fast. Crazy how prep time and eat time are so different. It was gone in seconds 😅!

I want thank the laborers and farmers that brought this to the store. I thank the sun for giving life. Lastly I thank this food for fueling my body.

– Mindful moment by Brianna Forte

On top

  • Diced mango
  • Diced dragon fruit
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Diced kiwi


  • Bee Pollen
  • Chia Seeds

I have no measurements listed simply because it’s just fruit. Start with a handful of the fruit, diced it or don’t (applicable). The rest is just designing your bowl.

Get fancy add some things. Swap things out! You can add granola, Nutella, almond butter — the options are limitless. Oh and when I have a little left over I save it for later. Maybe a can refresh the fruit in my stomach, SMOOTHIE STYLE.

Did I mention I love fruit? I consider it just the right amount of sugar for my health. It’s rare you catch me with chocolate or rich sweets. We would have to bring out the saltines for that. 😝

Do you make your own açaí bowls? do you like them? I would love to hear about your recipes and or thoughts on this delicious treat. That’s all for now though, until next time.

Xoxo 🤗

Choose Consistency

It all starts by building healthy habits and shedding bad ones. However, it only works when we stay consistent.

When things get tough, and you feel backed into a corner. Choose consistency! The moment you break and bow down to fear is the same moment you change the foundation from which you’ve laid. Being consistent will keep the flow of energy and stability. You need everything to be aligned for things to work for you. What is this energy?

Manifestations, intentions, and goals are all achieved by a few things. There is a lot of energy, hard work, and determination to stay on the desired path. I have seen this very thing happen; it is so heartbreaking! It doesn’t have to be you; it won’t be me anymore. Faltering is not an option this time.

Pick the path, passion, or goal. Figure out what steps you need to achieve said goal. Push, bend, slide, jump and run towards that goal. Consider your emotions to be distractions. They are not real. All toxic energy and triggers will arise, but you must be consistent. With consistency, there will be no need to mute the devil.

I’m excited to grow and shine with you all! I love you and wish you all peace whenever you are. Whatever life has thrown at you. You got this!

Layer of Skin: my routine.

Melanin popping

I didn’t fall in love with my skin until about nineteen or twenty years of age. I didn’t start taking care of my skin until I was twenty-two years old. At that point in my life, I was working in hot kitchens. Being in heated environments will bring more attention to your skincare for sure.

Let your pores breathe! ✨

I remember always getting compliments about my skin. What I remember most was taking it for granted. I was starting to see moles, pimples, blackheads, freckles, beauty marks, and zits! It was madness!

I’m almost thirty, every year I learn something new. The time and care that I take with my skin have progressed. There is a lot involved with skincare. Your environment, food, water, stress, anxiety, and hygiene all contribute to the health of your skin. I don’t know how much water I drink in a day, but it’s a lot! Food is fuel – period! The environment is about the factors of nature. We need to adapt to what we have. If it is super hot and sunny, stay hydrated. Occasionally, find shade if possible and wear sunblock. Try keeping the stress and anxiety to a minimum. How do you say? Only focus/worry about things you can control. I’ll leave that to you, regarding what you can control. Perspective is forever changing, and to be honest, that’s none of my business.

Lastly, what we are all here for is skin hygiene. Here I will list out my routine for my weekly skin bath. It brings me joy to make this time for myself!

  1. Start hot bath! Feel free to use bubble bath, bath bombs, and etc.
  2. Sit and soak for about 2-3 minutes.
  3. With just my fingers I take my hands and massage my bottom half first.
  4. Next I scrub my bottom half with a coarse scrubby 🧽
  5. I repeat steps 3 and 4 on my top half. I also check my breast for lumps here and pay attention to my armpits.
  6. If I’m shaving, that’s where this starts.
  7. By this time the water is super nasty. You should have dead skin and dirt float with no more bubbles. Hair of you decided to shave.
  8. Drain the water, stand up, do a quick rinse.
  9. Clean (with soap) one more time overall and the water should be drained.
  10. Now do a last 2 minute hot rinse. It assures me that the lingering skin, dirt or hair is no longer on me and rinsed the soap of.
  11. I turn the water off and shake my booty cheeks so they clap. I try to avoid depending on a towel to completely dry.
  12. I dry my yoni then feet last.
  13. I let my pores breathe for a bit.
  14. I use Shea butter as my first application after my shower. It’s too heavy too put on open pores.

While doing all of this I try to be mindful of my week, my thoughts, goals. I even get into affirmations sometimes. Use this as your time. It’s amazing for me! Give it a try!

Make and take for yourself 🙃

Take care of yourself, and your skin will follow! Feel free to try any of the steps in my skip bath routine. Also, SHARING is CARING! Let me know what works for you. I would love to try out what you are doing!


Let me reintroduce myself.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Screens! For all that are new to this space, welcome! Here is my little feed within this cyber world we scroll through. For those who know me, know that, the times have been long and hard. So many things have changed.

You’ve missed a bit so far, but no need to worry. You can always go back later and take a gander. I mean, why not? On this journey, I have embraced who I have become plus, what silly things in between. I am a big kid at heart, the kid that likes exploration, creativity, and curiosity. My curiosity and mouth got me in quite a bit of trouble too. Not one cat has come close to touching my tongue. I still have hope, no cat nails, though.

My past has taught me to keep moving and, you will always come out stronger. You can’t get anywhere once you have stopped moving. I also believe every life lesson has a lesson to teach. Things happen for a reason. We don’t get to chose and, we can’t control people.

This new year has brought so many new beginnings into my near future. I am super excited to see what this year has in store. I will be getting my real estate license, yoga certification and, so much more! Even better, all the things to learn from it. This new me is lighter, with less doubt, and stronger than before. I want to be less in my mind and more in the present. My vibrations are much higher. I need to do what makes me happy. Be on the lookout for consistent creative content, silliness and, growth.

I plan to grow and experience all the little things worth learning. Self-growth and challenging myself has always been my favorite mental-like task. So I will keep pushing on! I’ll be sure to share as I go along. Sharing is caring! The satisfaction will come then.