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a moment to change a life.

These past few months have been tough.
I mean brutally disturbing. My heart, my soul and mind have had it.
Let me walk you through it.

My eyelids are swollen from watching this nonsense.
My ears are bleeding from all of the noise.
My mind is exhausted from all this chaos.
My body is tired of doing it alone.

The nurturer in me has fled, not sure if she’s coming back.
Hope sometimes seems to be far off in the distance.

Then, all of the sudden, things changed.

My eyes are normal and brown again. My ears have healed. I can even hear the birds chirping in the morning. My mind can wander about the colors in the wind. What changed was my mindset, the people I let in, my expectations, everything! It all had to change. If I could control it, I did. You simply have to take back your time and sit with yourself. Remember only you can make you happy!

There is a lot of internal conflict going on lately. It’s tough to acknowledge your flaws but, its easier to move past them once you understand the trauma hidden in the shadows. We are all living this life based on our particular experience. Taken these broken things and use them to build you up! Learn and grow; it is the only way out.

As for outer support, don’t forget, you are never alone! Allow your life-timers (long-lasting friends) and close family hear you. Be vulnerable, speak your mind, and things will work themselves out.

Lastly, put the energy towards solving problems, not dwelling in them. You can only change what you can control. Stay strong, because we have to. We’ve got this!


Elephants in the room.

2020, Hindsight is right! Let’s clear up a few things shall we. There are way too many elephants in the room. It is hard to keep up and even harder to stay positive and patient.

For starters, in early January the US President was “supposedly” impeached (all I will say about that). We lost the talented and driven Kobe Bryant, recently Regis Philbin the man I’ve watched on tv for so long passed. To hit closer to home, we have people left and right that are grieving all over the world for the loved ones they have too lost.

OH! Australia was literally on fire, like really? Lastly scary, the dangerous and risky pandemic that the entire world has been taken back by. To all the ones lost this year, may you rest in peace. There has just been so much, I had to stop keeping up.

This time in solitude, during these quarantine times, have been and will likely continue to be challenging and eye opening for most of us. The hard part is being distant and so cautious around those you love and typically see on a frequent basis. Trying to ensure the safety of those with an experienced or compromised immune system. It’s pretty scary if you ask me.

My goal at this point is to protect those around me and focus on what I can.Which by the way, is what I have been doing. This entire time. I just wear a mask now.

I want those of you who get caught up in this madness of what we call chaos, those who need to clear themselves of the worlds weight to just take a step back. Breathe.

Now as you are breathing think about what you can control, on what can you do while in a peace of mind to contribute to the environment, the world, awareness, general car and love. We truly have enough of the alternative.

It so depressing and if you allow it to, it can destroy you. I promise, I know.

Stay hopeful and kind my friends. Put out the same energy you want back. Speak up for whats wrong and do whats right. The rest will follow 🙂

I love you all! Until next time 🙂